Asking for a Friend

Lester Alfonso unearths a recording of artist Michael Poulton answering some big questions about art and life as an #artist and it triggers a cascade of emotions.

Track List
1. Norrland by Gidge
2. Interior Astronaut by Nostalgic Home Highways
3. In My Mind ukulele cover by Lester Alfonso (with apologies to Amanda Palmer)
4. Ein Wort by Monoton, Konrad Becker
5. Because it’s There by Chloé
6. Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel

Thank you to Wayne Elliott and Julia Fenn for their contribution in the background.

SoundProof is produced and edited by Lester Alfonso with help from co-producer Carley van Spronsen. Special thanks to audio engineer Michael Phillips for mastering this episode. He offers major label quality music production, mixing, recording, audio editing and just about anything you can think of in the world of audio engineering. Go to for more details. Extra special thanks to Marg and Priam. Thanks to Alex and all the staff and volunteers at Trent Radio 92.7 CFFF FM in beautiful Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Follow the podcast on iTunes. For complete credits check the show notes or go to Thanks again so much for listening.

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