Circus Boy

Thomas Vaccaro is a circus coach, a circus performer, an artist, a husband, a father, a friend, and a mess… Find out how “circus saved his life.”

Asking for a Friend

Lester Alfonso unearths a recording of artist Michael Poulton answering some big questions about art and life as an #artist and it triggers a cascade of emotions.

Heads-Up Dreaming

While researching a film on the theme “Never Stop Learning,” Lester Alfonso ends up meeting Dr. Carlyle Smith who may be able to see the future through his #dreams.

Night of the Hunter

Filmmaker Peter Blow’s current top film pick on the Criterion Channel is Night of the Hunter. He noticed an unexpected connection between the authors. #nightofthehunter

Let the Children Boogie

Lester Alfonso searches his 500 Words Before Second Breakfast for Bowie. Plus, My Bowie Breakup, The Rock and Roll Terminator, and more. #davidbowie

Birthmark, Part Three

Birthmark, Part Three #birthmark Richard Gere, Tina Turner, Billy Corgan – what do they all have in common? Lester Alfonso shares his talks with filmmaker Angel Hamilton and circus artist Victoria Wood who is a proud owner of three birthmarks.

Birthmark, Part Two

Birthmark, Part Two #scriptclub Lester Alfonso takes a draft of his Birthmark radio play to Mysterious Entity’s Script Club and a discussion ensues.

Birthmark, Part One

Birthmark, Part One #realasian Lester Alfonso recounts his experiences at Reel Asian Film Festival’s “So You Think You Can Pitch?” competition 2014.